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Hijama Therapy Supports Health Supplementation

cupping massage therapy featured

cupping massage therapy featured

Arabic in origin, Hijama is a therapy that involves wet cupping. During this activity, a vacuum is used to draw blood from a small incision made into the skin. The suction and pressure supplied by the therapy is designed to promote circulation and neutralise the nervous system. Therefore, wet cupping is an excellent treatment for hypertension.

How Wet Cupping Is Used

Because it loosens muscles, the cupping used in Hijama is also employed to take care of the following conditions:

  • Provide back pain relief
  • Alleviate stiff muscles
  • Lower incidents of fatigue
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Eliminate migraines
  • Relieve rheumatism discomfort
  • Get rid of cellulite

Hijama, which is also known as cupping therapy, is both drugless and painless. Even though a small incision is made to draw blood, the practice does not pierce the veins. Most people who derive benefits from cupping engage in the treatment once or twice a week.

Supporting a Healthier Lifestyle

Besides the taking of health supplements in London, cupping therapy offers the cleansing needed to support a healthier lifestyle. Hijama therapy is also used to treat issues that are related to urinary, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, neurological, and immune system function.

Cupping treatments are considered holistic as they are designed to address the needs of the mind, body, and soul. Cupping therapy entails targeting Sunnah points, which are located on the upper back. These points are direct links to the heart, brain, spine, and lungs.

The use of cupping is considered both curative and preventative. Not only can you detox your system but you can also maintain your body for optimum health.

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