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Is a Dental Veneer a Good Option for Everybody?

Dental Veneer

Cosmetic dentists usually recommend dental veneers to cover dental flaws, giving you a perfect and charming smile. The main goal of dental veneers is not to protect your teeth, but they can be a protective and hardcover to help crooked and fractured teeth. Still, dental crowns are widely used to serve the matter of protection more than dental veneer. Yellow, fractured, distant, or crooked teeth can affect your general dental health and your teeth’ appearance.

A dentist performing porcelain veneers in Richmond Hill suggests that dental veneers are applied for gap closure, and as a prominent solution for teeth whitening and oral health. So if you need any of the mentioned services, contact us. We are here to see your smile resulting from satisfaction and happiness.

Different Issues to Consider in Dental Veneer Procedure

Sometimes dental veneer can be a good option for those with mildly crowded teeth. So there is no need to spend much time and energy to have orthodontic dental services. Cosmetic dentists are the best choices to help you choose a dental veneer, a dental crown, or an orthodontic. The dental veneer procedure can also be done after the orthodontic process when your teeth are aligned and well-spaced. Dental veneer colors and shapes may vary; cosmetic dentists can help.

Many gossips say the dental veneer will damage your teeth and oral health. We should accept that the teeth enamel is filed down in the dental veneer procedure, but there is no proof to confirm that the veneer is harmful, especially if you have daily oral hygiene.

 Dental veneers can make your teeth nerve a little more sensitive in the first days, so it is normal if you drink or eat something hot or cold, your teeth react more obviously or irritate you a little bit, but I assure you that you are not going to feel any severe pain. If you want your dental veneer last longer, never chew or bite hard food with your dental veneer and visit your cosmetic dentist regularly; if there is a problem with your dental veneer, don’t waste your time and call your dentist.

Finally, a dental veneer is not a good option if your teeth are damaged very badly. For instance, those who lost the first tooth layer (enamel) cannot have this dental service. In such cases, your dentist would offer you to do implant surgery, cosmetic bridge, etc., based on the type and amount of damage.

Is It Necessary to Use Local Anesthesia to Do Dental Veneer?

If your teeth nerves are sensitive, your dentist will use local anesthesia to install the dental veneer quicker and easier. It is also possible that your cosmetic dentist does not use local anesthesia if you feel any noticeable pain.

Does a Broken Dental Veneer Include a Dental Emergency?

Rarely the dental veneer covers could be broken or turned into pieces. If you do not feel any intolerable pain or observe damage to your natural tooth, you do not require dental emergency care. Call your dentist for the most available appointments for the next working day.

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