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Smile! Protecting Your Smile by Protecting Your Dentures



When your smile is compromised, it can be embarrassing. No one wants to have to worry about what others think of his or her teeth. At the same time, dental work can be expensive so having dental work done frequently is not desirable. If something happens to compromise your dentures, finding a trustworthy dentist to put everything back together durably proves valuable.

How Do I Pick the Right Dental Lab?

When choosing a dental lab, take care to choose the one that offers the best denture repairs in Cheltenham. The best repairs should be offered on a same-day basis. After all, no one wants to walk around with dentures that are not functioning optimally. Otherwise, you run the risk of another problem occurring or the dentures breaking further. Additionally, find a lab that offers a warm and welcoming environment. Dental labs can sometimes make us feel uneasy and nervous; finding a supportive lab can help ease anxiety.

What Are Common Fixes These Labs Address?

Dentures can undergo a host of problems. Some of the more common repairs include:

  • Denture relining
  • Denture rebasing
  • Adjustments
  • Cracks

Denture relining means fixing the fit of your dentures so they fit more securely in the mouth. This is done by resurfacing the side closest to your cheek. Denture rebasing means remaking the actual base on your dentures, which is the pink acrylic piece that holds the teeth in place. Adjustments can also be made to fix dentures that cause pain. Poorly-fitting dentures can cause fractures and cracks in the dentures, which in turn can cause teeth to fall out. Adjusting dentures can eliminate these problems.

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