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The Main Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

Generally, our teeth are one of the most overlooked parts of our body until some severe issues arise with them. The eruption of your wisdom teeth is among those oral issues that will force you to make an urgent appointment to visit your dentists. In most cases, your professionally trained dentists will recommend you to remove your wisdom teeth because they will threaten the health of other healthy teeth. In addition, over time, human beings have less and less need for the help of wisdom teeth to chew and bite different types of food because our diets are completely different from early humans. A specialist applying the latest techniques for wisdom teeth removal in Vaughan explains that these sets of teeth can cause serious dental issues and emergencies if not extracted in a timely manner. If you are recommended to have wisdom tooth extraction but are still uncertain about undergoing it, please follow the useful information provided here to make a well-formed decision.

Common Questions about Wisdom teeth

What Are Wisdom Teeth? Generally, wisdom teeth are classed as the last molars that are located at the back of your mouth, both in the lower and upper jaw. They are not as sharp as front teeth because they are designed for grinding the food down.

How Long Do your Wisdom Teeth Take to Erupt? According to professional dental specialists, wisdom teeth usually start to grow from 17 to 23, but it is likely to take several years to emerge through your gums fully. It should be noted that some cases never experience the eruption of wisdom teeth.

Sometimes, your wisdom teeth are not visible because they are not properly emerged. In such cases, your wisdom teeth can cause severe dental issues called impacted teeth. Following items can be alarming signs of impacted teeth. You should seek immediate dental attention when you see any of these symptoms.

-Having bleeding or swollen gum

-Bad breathing

-Unbearable headache

-Difficulty opening your mouth

-Experiencing an unpleasant taste in your mouth

Possible Risks of Neglecting Wisdom Teeth Removal

Several important reasons convince your dentists to recommend wisdom teeth extraction:

-Increasing The Risk of Gum Diseases: Removing wisdom teeth is the most practical method to reduce the risk of severe gum diseases and help maintain good oral health. gum diseases are the most painful dental issues that can cause your gum to pull away from your natural teeth.

-Underlying Reason for Tooth Decays & Tooth Loss: Since impacted wisdom teeth can irritate surrounding teeth and structure, they can cause teeth decays and even tooth loss over time. When a tooth needs to be removed, ignoring to extract it immediately can increase the risk of removing several other teeth.

-Bad Breathing: As everyone knows, bad breathing often indicates something is wrong with your body. Although several serious medical issues can cause this severe sign, they could be caused by swelling tissues around your wisdom teeth.

-Affect Your Facial Developments: Distorted facial developments and other problems like swollen cheeks, blocked sinuses, and gum diseases can be caused by impacted wisdom teeth. That’s why experienced and dedicated dentists highly recommend removing wisdom teeth with no hesitation.

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