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Using Vape Cigarettes: A Safer Alternative To Smoking

Vape Cigarettes

A vape is an electronic cigarette operated by a battery. It emits a vaporized solution for the user to inhale. The solution smells fruity and may or may not have nicotine. Some prefer to have a solution that contains nicotine. They want to get the sensation of inhaling tobacco smoke without the actual smoke. Others choose other flavors such as mango, mint, and cool cucumber. Some vapes even offer to mimic the taste of specific brands. A vape has many names. It is also known as an e-cigarette, e-hookah, vape pen, and vaporizer cigarette. It also comes in various shapes and colors. You can check them on


Although controversial, using vape has benefits.

Safer than smoking

As mentioned above, vape offers the sensation of inhaling tobacco smoke. Users can get this experience without involving nicotine. Traditional cigarettes are very high in nicotine which is very harmful to health. Vaping also promotes better oral hygiene, skin health, circulation, and lung capacity.

It also improves the sense of smell and taste. For a comprehensive comparison between traditional smoking and vaping, and their respective impacts on health, consider checking out

No noxious odor

Vape has various aromas from the flavors used. No need to worry about the smell of smoke getting stuck on your clothes, your hair, or on your skin. People around you will also be less bothered by the smell of the smoke.

Nicotine control

Vaping lets you control your nicotine dosage. You can buy e-liquid in various strengths depending on your preference. There are people who choose nicotine-free e-liquid. Most vapers start with high nicotine levels and work their way down to lower levels. They then cut it off in due time.

Parts of a vape

There are several parts comprising a vape.

The mouthpiece

You can see this cartridge fixed at the end of a tube with a small plastic cup inside. The cup contains absorbent material soaked in a liquid solution.

The atomizer

This part heats the liquid so it can vaporize. The user can then inhale it.

The battery

The heating element gets its power source from the battery.

The sensor

The heater gets activated when the sensor senses the user sucks on the device.

The solution

People often call this e-liquid or e-juice. It is a combination of nicotine, flavoring, and a base such as propylene glycol.

The heating element vaporizes the solution when the user sucks on the mouthpiece. The user then inhales whatever flavor he or she has chosen from Green Caviar Club. The nicotine content of the e-liquid can vary from zero to very high.

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