3 Great Benefits Of Floatation Therapy In Joondalup.


Float tank therapy has been around for a number of years, but has not yet reached everyone. It is said to be a really effective way to increase your overall feeling of well being and so increases health and happiness. What happens is that you are floating in a tank that is closed off from the rest of the world. You can’t smell, touch, see or hear anything and it gives your body and brain an opportunity to just switch off for a while and just relax. The water is heated to just the temperature of your body and so there isn’t any sensations of cold or hot. Throw in some Epsom salt and you are all set for a relaxing time by yourself.


For those of you who worry about the lack of space, don’t worry there is lots of it. Historically the tanks were smaller but now you can even stand up in them. The process itself is really clean, due to the system that cleans the water numerous times between each use. Here are some great benefits to getting into a float tank in Joondalup.

  1. Sleep Improvement – If you experience any sleep issues like insomnia, then a float tank can help with that. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential if we are to function properly every day, whether in our jobs or in our day to day lives. Research has indicated that floating just two hours a week for two weeks, can dramatically improve your sleeping patterns. It helps make your senses more acute and leaves you incredibly rested and relaxed and after using it, you will experience sleep like you never have before.
  2. Stress Relief – We are always running around with somewhere to go or something that needs to be done, at all times and this is causing Australians unnecessary stress. A float tank experience is the answer to all this stress and people after coming out of the float tank, have reported their senses being more active, colours and smells becoming much stronger and their cognitive abilities improving to the point, where they notice and see more than they did before.
  3. Pain Relief – We all have tense bodies and it is due to the lifestyle that we follow. As Australians we are meant to be laid back and relaxed but those days have sadly gone. We are now worried about our mortgages and bills and all this worry is manifesting itself into tension and stiffness in our bodies. Our backs and shoulders are suffering as a result, and float tank therapy helps to take all this pain way. It is documented that people who tried float tank therapy found that they had reduced pain, a reduction in their blood pressure, a lot more energy, lower anxiety and markedly lower stress levels.

As well as all these benefits, you will find that your skin will begin to glow and your hair will be much shinier and stronger. Look into the benefits of float tanks today and see how they can help you.

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