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How to quickly and efficiently detox your body?

Cleansing the body has become a trendy topic in recent years, which appears on most websites or magazines about health and beauty. In the past, detox diets were quite complicated. Today, specialised supplementation programs are becoming a more and more popular way to make this process simple and more effective.

Why should we detox the body?

Despite the massive popularisation of sport and healthy lifestyle in recent years, a large group of people, for various reasons, do not pay enough attention to their bodies. There can be many reasons for this –  for example, lack of time, a long distance to the gym, lack of knowledge. Yet, an unhealthy lifestyle has a significant impact on our body – it accumulates a lot of toxins and deposits that have a negative impact on the functioning of our body.

That is why it is crucial to cleanse the body regularly – specialists recommend carrying out such cleansing even twice a year. This will keep the body in good condition and drop everything the body does not need for everyday functioning, which influences its proper functioning.

Why use cleanup programs?

First of all, because this form of cleansing your own body is much more effective than traditional diets. For example, those based on eating different soups for a few days, consuming only orange juice or other demanding methods. The very simple form of their absorption is also important – most of them are based on easy-to-prepare and tasty cocktails. There is no need to force yourself to long-term starvation, which has a negative effect on your body, causing, e.g. irritation, weakness or fainting.

Also, in the case of specialized cleansing programs, we do not need to have the appropriate knowledge – we have a guarantee that the set of supplements included in the program has been tested by its creators and their composition selected in a way that allows obtaining the best possible results. Their use is broken down into simple steps – usually cleansing, regenerating and strengthening.

An extra side effect of such a process is usually a slight weight reduction; the body simply eliminates unnecessary elements. Yet, it is worth remembering that one of the primary conditions for an effective body cleansing process is the consumption of water in large amounts. During this period, the body gets rid of its excess, and it is necessary to replenish it regularly.

How to choose a cleansing program for yourself?

One of such programs may be Colo Vada – a program developed by Dr. Albert Zerr from Canada. This program helps maintain an adequate level of healthy intestinal microflora, plays a significant role in balancing the level of vitamins and minerals, and acts as an antiparasitic. This program is designed for 14 days and consists of 3 stages, which support the removal of deposits from the body, improve the digestive system, help maintain the beneficial intestinal microflora and balance the level of vitamins and minerals during the diet, as well as provide the body with the necessary substances and reduce discomfort to a least.

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The benefits of physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy is for all ages with any medical conditions or injuries with limited physical movements. The physiotherapist can help the individuals with regular abilities to move and function as normal with positive activities and lifestyles changes. Physiotherapy helps in improving the overall health condition and well-being.

Here are some of the benefits of physiotherapy treatment –

  • The physiotherapeutic treatment helps in physical movement through exercises and manual therapy techniques. The therapist will help with joint and soft tissue mobilization. Other treatment techniques include ultrasound, taping and electrical stimulation to relieve the pain in the body part.
  • Physiotherapy is a great help for individuals with trouble moving around and doing daily routines such as standing, walking or moving around.
  • Physiotherapy involves stretching and strengthening exercises to restore the movement. Using the cane, crutches and other assistance devices the physiotherapist will help the individuals with the regular activities without seeking other’s help.
  • Physiotherapy eliminates the need for surgery and cures the pain and heal the injury.
  • Physiotherapy helps with the coordination of various body parts for better movement and restore vestibular functioning.
  • Patients with cardiac conditions or under rehabilitation are also offered physical therapy.
  • Physiotherapy can also improve and strengthen the lungs and manage the heart through breathing exercises. It helps in clearing any fluid in the lungs and those with pulmonary disorders.
  • An individual who has undergone surgery also benefited from physiotherapy exercises to recover faster and get into better shape.
  • Physical therapy treatment is also taken to strengthen parts of the body and improve balance.
  • Another benefit of physical therapy is that it helps the person who has undergone the stroke with the improved ability of movement on the bed.
  • Sports can increase the risk of certain injuries. The physiotherapist can help with appropriate exercises to assure safety during participating in sports events. Physiotherapy is also used to recover from sports injuries.
  • Physiotherapy is also suggested by the physician when you have met with accidents or stroke to revive the body movements.
  • Individuals with diabetic issues also seek the help of a physiotherapist to cure the sensation issues on their legs and feet. The therapist can help with proper foot care and prevent any further issues.
  • Chances of development of arthritis and osteoporosis are high in aged individuals. The therapist can help the old people recover from joint replacement and manage the daily routine without being a burden on others.
  • Women with any specific health conditions during pregnancy or postpartum care are offered specialised treatment.

The physiotherapist is experienced staff who are trained to offer a wide range of help to the various medical and physical conditions including cancer, strokes, diabetic remedial treatment, bowel incontinence, constipation, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, male pelvic health, pelvic pain, disc imbalance, urinary incontinence, and more. The physiotherapists at Ergotec Health are highly trained to use the latest techniques and exercise methods. The team can help to ensure the highest stand of physical therapy treatment is offered to any patients who approach for help.

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The Float Tank Therapy Phenomenon

The recent interest among health professionals surrounding the various benefits of float therapy is not a phenomenon that has been triggered by hearsay or myth, but actual facts. By actual fact, what is meant is that the therapy or treatment as some may prefer to view it as has been based on empirical evidence that has been delivered by scientific/ clinical studies.

Most people have probably already heard about the amazing benefits of float tanks and the therapy associated with them. Float therapy a it is generally known is not something that just crawled out of the woodwork recently, as the fundamentals of float therapy began in the 60s, advocated by a Dr. John C Lily. Prior to that, even centuries ago, pilgrimages were made over thousands of miles by people who went to the Dead Sea to ‘float their illnesses away’. The modernised concept by Dr. John was at first ignored in the 60s and to an extent even ridiculed and regarded as being something ‘for the hippie culture’.

According to stories (unconfirmed sources), even after the ‘hippie culture’ faded and eventually disintegrated, many who had experienced the sensations brought about by float therapy continued to use it. Float tank sessions were still available at private clinics and in private homes (mostly celebs and high calibre sportsmen) as these proponents of float therapy found it to be very useful towards enhancing concentration, heightening creativity and optimising performance.

Still, medical professionals simply wrote it off as a ‘placebo’ related element until more and more people started declaring that the therapy actually helped them to not just sleep better, but also heal faster, allowed them to tolerate higher levels of pain, improve stamina and much more. This growing evidence became difficult to ignore and float therapy eventually got the medical community to examine the therapy with a wider and more objective lens. After years and years of studying the therapy, it was only recently (a decade ago) enabled by the advancements of current technology that astonished them.

The finding was that by blotting out external stimuli such as sight, sound, smell, heat and gravity, the brain changes its state of functional frequency and sets itself at a theta state which means that the brain is placed in a deep suspended mode. This is due to the fact that a substantial amount of brain processing power is no longer needed to contend with external stimuli which are removed during float therapy (hence, sensory deprivation tanks).

This helps the brain to focus on inner healing so to speak instead of being preoccupied with externalities. What the brain does during float therapy is that it recalibrates our biological system completely and reboots the system with each float therapy session leaving the individuals in a clear, calm and present state.

Currently the perspective of the medical professional has indeed changed drastically and most have accepted float therapy as a supportive medical treatment based on the fact that the therapy acts as a catalyst towards optimising biological functions at the cellular level which is where ‘everything happens’.

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Myths About Vaping

Myths About Vaping from Vape In The Box
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Vesicoureteral Reflux and its Complications

Urine is produced in the kidneys and flows down to the bladder via the ureters. However, in vesicouretral reflux (VUR), the urine flows back from the bladder into the ureters, and then to the kidneys. This is usually due to the failure of the flap valves that prevent backflow of urine from the bladder into the ureters. This is known as primary vesicouretral reflux. Secondary vesicouretral reflux is caused by the incomplete emptying of the bladder, which may be caused by a blockage or the degradation of muscle or nerves controlling bladder function.

Since VUR does not have direct overt symptoms, it is usually diagnosed when consulting a physician on a urinary tract infection (UTI) or other urinary tract-related issue.

If you or someone you know as been diagnosed with VUR, you should consult a urologist as quickly as possible. We recommend these Urologist in Islamabad, if they are convenient for you.

Risk Factors

There are many different factors that may put you at risk of having or developing VUR. These range from separate persisting conditions to genetic inheritance. Here are some of these factors:

  • Age: Children are the main victims of this condition, and children under the age of 2 are more likely to have it than those that are older.
  • Sex: For VUR that is present at birth, boys are generally more at risk. However, in other instances, girls are more at risk.
  • Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction: This disease may cause young children to hold in their urine, which in turn could cause recurring UTIs. This frequency of UTIs may result in the development of VUR.
  • Genetic Inheritance: The most common cause of flap valve failure is genetic dysfunction that can be inherited. About half of all children with mothers who have or have had VUR, will likely have the disease themselves.


Though VUR itself does not have any symptoms that are pressing, it can result in issues that are very serious. The main concern here is kidney damage resulting from the backflow of the urine. When the urine flows back to the kidneys, it can carry with it harmful bacteria that can infect the urinary tract, and damage the kidneys. Complications arising from this include:

  • Renal Scarring: Constant urinary tract infection will lead to scarring, or damage to urinary tissue.
  • High Blood Pressure: This follows from extensive scarring, as the damage to the kidneys will result in reduced filtering of waste from the blood. This excess waste is what results in the increase in blood pressure.
  • Kidney Failure: This is the complete loss of kidney function, also resulting from extensive scarring. This may develop suddenly (Acute Kidney Failure), or over a long period of time (Chronic Kidney Failure).


Oftentimes, VUR will simply fade away with time, as when the child grows older, the urinary tract is elongated, putting more distance between the ureters and the bladder. This means that it gets harder for urine to travel back up from the bladder to the ureters. The main concern is avoiding kidney damage during this period.

However, if the condition does not fade, surgery to repair the flap valve may be necessary, if the VUR is primary. Otherwise, other options will be provided by your physician.

If you believe you might require surgery to rectify VUR, you should get in touch with a good urologist. These Best urologist in Lahore are good options if you live in the area.