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What Dental Masks and Shields to Purchase for Your Dental Office?

Dental Masks and Shields

Most dental procedures require the use of a dental mask or shield. It is essential that you have an adequate supply to last you for the month. So, you may be wanting to know what masks and shields to purchase for your dental office? Here are the masks and shields for sale on dental supplies website GPS Dent that you should take a look at.

Dental Masks and Shields

Easy Breath Earloop Mask

These Easy Breath Earloop Masks are a great purchase for all dental offices, whether big or small. They have been designed so that they resist any fluids that come into contact with the mask. Just because they are resistant to fluids, doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable to wear as a result, as the masks are made of the finest soft, 3-ply material. To maximize comfort, the masks are also fitted with a high quality inner lining. The masks can be used by dentists who have a latex allergy, as these masks are 100% latex free.

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Face Shields

It is important to choose a face shield that allows plenty of room for your glasses if you wear them, and this is possible with these high-quality shields. A safe and secure fit is made possible thanks to the velcro headband. There is no chance of fogging occurring with our face shields, as they are treated to prevent this. They are available in two different sizes, namely, a full-face shield and 0.5 size.

Level 1 Dual Fit Ear-Loop Face Mask (Pleated) 50/Box

These Level 1 Dual Fit Ear-Loop Face Mask (Pleated) masks are ideal for treatments where there is little fluid involved (i.e. no blood, ­fluid, spray and/or aerosol exposure). The inner layer of these Ear-Loop Face Masks are fitted with a comfortable smooth cellulose material. These are one size fits all size, as the ear loops fit all people with different sizes of face.

Premium Ear Loop Cone Masks

Lastly, we would recommend our Premium Ear Loop Cone Masks. All you need to do to wear these masks is to fit them around the ears. There is no need to place the mask over the head to secure it. They can be worn by people who are allergic to latex and are made of a special material to maximize easy breathing. Sometimes nose pieces of masks like these are quite distracting, so these masks are fitted with a non-glare covering to prevent this.

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