Achieving a V Shape Face Non-surgically: How Does It Work?

V Shape Face

Are you dealing with double chin troubles, wanting a V shape face, and searching for a long-term solution? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. Nobody likes or enjoys having double chins, but they appear to be unavoidable as you age. A deficiency of collagen could cause droopy cheeks and chins, which could eventually create a double chin.

This loose skin, known as the double chin, is incredibly ugly and makes you look much older and dull. Double chin, otherwise called submental fat, is frequently connected with gaining weight, but here is the thing: you don’t need to be overweight to get one! A double chin can also be caused by heredity or looser skin as we age. We understand that having a double chin could be discouraging, but there’s good news! Yes, there are numerous effective V shape face slimming procedures available in Singapore.

Causes of Double Chin

There are numerous causes of a double chin, but one thing’s certain: a double chin is the biggest reason for insecurity for a lot of people. Although a double chin is frequently linked to weight increase, it’s not necessarily due to weight fluctuations. External factors like prolonged sun exposure, heredity, and your face architecture could all contribute to the growth of a double chin. A few of the most prevalent reasons for a double chin are listed below.

1. Aging

The most common source of a double chin is most likely aging. As we get old, the skin begins to lose collagen, resulting in loose and saggy skin, particularly around the chin and neck.

2. Genetics

Are you aware that more than half of the population acquire a double chin while they are young? It’s due to their bone structure and family genetics. It’s not unusual to see daughters and mothers struggling with double chin fat.

3. Structure of the Chin

Your inherent chin structure is quite important in the establishment of a double chin. Those with a smaller chin are more likely to get double chin fat which is more evident than typical. If you got a “small” chin, dermal fillers would be required to have your chin contoured and attain a firmer jaw-line.

4. Diet

We’re sure everyone’s aware of this. A poor diet that is high in fat and calories would cause and worsen a double chin. In fact, fatty foods would exacerbate your double chin due to increased fat storage.

5. Exposure to the Sun

If you spend a significant amount of time under the sun, you’re more likely to get a double chin. Tanning or sunbathing would worsen UV damage to the neck skin. This causes collagen loss and skin thinning, resulting in sagging neck skin and under-chin.

What Are The Non-Surgical V Shape Face Slimming Treatments in Singapore?

As previously said, there are numerous non-surgical V shape face slimming treatments for double chin reduction in Singapore. The most safest and popular ones are given below.

Chin Filler

Chin dermal fillers, such as nose and cheek fillers, smooth out specific regions and lessen the appearance of unappealing signs of aging, like double chins and fine lines. Dermal fillers could last for 1 to 2 years, depending on the filler type used. They have hyaluronic acid (a prominent ingredient in anti-aging treatment) to soothe and moisturize the skin while providing volume. It’s a comfortable treatment, although it necessitates at least two days of recovery time.

HIFU Facelift

HIFU is another simple method for treating double chins and giving you a V shape face. The most recent, known as HIFU (which means High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound), concentrates heat in specific areas to reduce tissue while encouraging collagen development. HIFU uses ultrasonic technology to tighten the skin in specific regions, resulting in a tighter, smoother jawline. This treatment could be completed in as little as 30 minutes, however, numerous sessions might be needed based on your desired facial shape.

Thread lift

Thread lifts involve PDO threads inserted beneath the skin to lift drooping or sagging tissue. Thread lifts are absolutely non-surgical and just require a minor incision. They function by letting collagen form around the threads. As the skin becomes accustomed to the thread, the double chin would be reduced.

These threads also promote collagen development, which promotes natural skin suppleness. The threads could be constructed of three different materials that are harmless and naturally degrade into tissue. Results could be noticed over time because the threads require time to settle into your skin. Skin elasticity would keep improving over the next 2 to 6 months, with a noticeable change.

Jaw Reduction BTX

BTX treatments can help reduce muscular mass in the jaw region. It helps in muscle relaxation, providing the lower area with more definition. The neurotoxin used in BTX treatments is administered into your platysmal bands that surround your neck, tighten your muscles and lift your neck, and narrow your lower face.

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