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Essential Tips About Dealing with Broken or Fractured Teeth

Broken or Fractured Teeth

Broken or Fractured Teeth

Generally, several reasons can lead to broken teeth, such as aging, trauma, teeth grinding, or other factors. Cracked or broken teeth may have no symptoms or, in more severe cases, it can be associated with pain, swelling, and sensitivity. Although instantly visiting your dentists is important to avoid further damage, you can wait for your dental appointments if you don’t have any symptoms. It should be noted that fractured or broken teeth that cause severe pain and swelling should care for as soon as possible. As a dedicated emergency dentist near Toronto emphasizes, any emergency dental issue can strike at any time and needs immediate attention and treatment. Professional emergency dentists are always ready to solve your dental issues and relieve your pain quickly. Please follow the information provided in this article to become familiar with several available options that enable your dedicated emergency dentists to restore your chipped, cracked, and broken teeth.

What Is a Broken tooth?

A fractured tooth happens when a crack appears in your tooth for various reasons. This crack can be minor and harmless, but in more severe cases, it can lead your teeth to break or split. Although this is a common issue among all people, the risk of broken teeth is higher among children. Once you suspect a broken tooth, visiting the nearest emergency dentist can be the most appropriate reaction.

Generally, our teeth consist of two important parts:

The crow is visible because it is above your gums.

The root that lies below your gums and supports the crowns.

Besides, these two parts contain several important layers, including enamel, dentin, and pulp. When you experience dental fractures, some or all of these layers can be affected. Certain treatments are used to repair the damages depending on the location and severity of the fractures.

Which Teeth Are More Likely to Fracture?

According to a knowledgeable and sophisticated dental specialist, upper front teeth and the teeth toward the back of your lower jaw are the most likely to fracture. Playing contact sports and having car accidents can increase the risk of having multiple fractured teeth. Besides, those with severe dental decays or cavities have a higher risk of fractured teeth even if they don’t experience severe traumas.

The Main Symptoms of Cracked Tooth Symptoms:

-Experiencing unbearable pain that comes and goes, especially when you are chewing food.

-Dental sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or even eating sugary food.

-Swelling Around the injured tooth.

How Do Your Dentists Diagnose Fractured Teeth?

When you see your emergency dentists, they will ask about your symptoms, the reasons that cause broken teeth, or trauma and injuries that you’ve experienced. Next, your dedicated dentists will:

-Check your mouth to determine if your teeth are broken or knocked out.

-Ask you to bite down something to diagnose if you have pain.

-Take an x-ray to see the accurate location of fractured teeth.

What Are the Different Solutions to Repair Broken teeth?

Dental Bonding: During this practical method, your experienced dentists will use high-tech tools to fill the crack with plastic resin.

Dental Crown: In this method, special materials called porcelain or ceramic are used to make unique caps, and then they will be placed over the fractured tooth.

Dental Veneers: Sometimes, when your broken teeth are in the front, your dentists recommend you replace them with dental veneers.

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