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Getting Help for Your Obese Youth

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qtq80 p22sLvPeople all over the world suffer from weight problems and deal with the medical, mental, and social issues that go along with obesity. While obesity at any age is dangerous and can have a number of serious consequences, for the youth who are severely overweight, this can play a huge role in how they feel, their grades in school, and their ability to interact in a healthy manner with their peers. While you may feel powerless if a youth who you love is obese, learning more about this condition will allow you to make smart choices in regards to how you treat him or her, getting him or her help, and understanding the driving force behind his or her obesity.

The Causes

There are a number of factors that may cause a child or youth to become obese including genetic factors, problems with eating unhealthy foods instead of healthy ones, and a severe lack of physical activity. It is not common for the obesity problem among youths in Singapore to be directly related to a thyroid or other hormone problem but if the youth in your life is obese and you are not sure of the cause, then it is a good idea to talk to his or her doctor and rule this out as a possibility. Checking for a medical condition as the cause of obesity is easy and can usually be completed with a blood test.

Not all children who have obese parents will also be obese, although this does put them at a higher risk than their peers. This risk is usually increased not because of medical or genetic factors but because the family shares the same sedentary lifestyle and does not place a high importance on eating healthy foods.

Risks of Obesity

More than just the social stigma of being obese and the difficulty participating in school sports and other functions, being obese can cause a number of health problems that the youth will then have to deal with. These include bone problems, diabetes, and skin conditions. In addition, it is not uncommon for obese youth to suffer from early heart disease as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Assembling a team of experts to help your obese youth make healthy choices to improve his or her lifestyle and lower his or her weight is important so that your loved one can become healthier and live a long, happy life. It’s important to talk to his or her doctors about who you need to hire for help as they may suggest a nutritionist or other food expert as well as possibly a therapist. Your obese youth probably has a lot of strong feelings about his or her weight and the way that it makes him or her feel, which is why it’s important to address those feelings when you are making major life changes to help him or her lose weight and become healthier.

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