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Here is some interesting as well as useful information related to pregnancy kick counts


Pregnancy is like a roller-coaster ride for a woman. There are many phases during the tenure of pregnancy and one can experience the baby kicking in the third trimester. A lot of doctors tell that by counting the number of kicks one can have an idea about the baby’s health. In the coming paragraphs you will get all the information you are looking for in relation to pregnancy kick counts.

The way counting should be done

When your pregnancy has reached the third trimester then you should do the kick counting on a daily basis. You should be able to identify different movements like jabs, punches, rolls, kicks etc. You should maintain a proper record of such information and this record can be shared with the gynecologist. It will help the doctor to know about the well being of the baby. Nowadays you can find pregnancy kick counter application on the online platform and with the help of such an app you can maintain a proper record of kick counts.

Now the important question is that how the kicks are to be counted. The answer is that you should do the counting at the same time each day. You can choose that time slot when the baby is very active and in movement. While counting the kicks you must sit down or lie on bed comfortably. Once, you will start recording the kick counts then you will notice a certain pattern in the baby’s movement. Calculate how much time it takes to get 10 movements. Sometimes it may take few minutes and sometimes it can be a matter of hours. You can share this information with your doctor and she will immediately come to know that whether everything is normal or not.

Valuable advice

If there is no proper pattern then also there is no need to panic. Sometimes there can be internal changes within the body and you may be unable to identify that when the baby is actually kicking. But the advantage of counting pregnancy kicks is that you will get a hint that the baby is okay inside. It will also give you an idea about the waking cycle and the sleeping cycle of your child. You will also come to know that which activities act as a trigger for the child and when he or she is most active.

How you should handle the entire situation?

There is not just one way to count the number of kicks but there can be different ways for the same thing. Sometimes the doctor may suggest a completely different approach for pregnancy kick counter and you can follow the specified method without any hassles. It is highly important to be attentive to your child’s movement. If you will observe the pattern then you will clearly be able to identify significant changes. The reason why doctors recommend counting the number of kicks is because it can help to prevent the situation of still birth. In high risk pregnancies also it is important to count the number of kicks. So, follow the best approach and maintain a record for counting the kicks.

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