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PraanTEA – a new tea concept

new tea concept

PraanTEA is a new tea concept which unites the organoleptic and health maintaining effects. The variety consists of eight exceptional blends which have different beneficial effects on the human body. In our compilation, we present our special blends.

Eight different blends can be found in PraanTEA’s offer

PraanTEA blends do not contain any additives or aromas, their ingredients are natural and gluten free. They contain green and black tea, yoghurt and honey powder and microwave dried fruits. These ingredients are produced through unique procedures which guarantee their high level of flavour and aroma. These scientifically developed blends guarantee the unique taste and health maintaining effects.

There are eight special blends in the repertoire of PrannTEA which provide different health enhancing effects for the human body. Darjeeling tea with rose-hip honey powder and dried pineapple pieces has a really special tasting. Besides its outstanding taste, this tea has significant content values as well. It is an exceptional stress reliever and immune booster as well as a perfect source of vitamins, since it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, P and K. Moreover, it helps alleviate arthritis, strengthen the bones and contributes to a healthy digestion.

Darjeeling tea with sea buckthorn berry honey powder and dried mango pieces is also a very popular blends. It has a very pleasant taste, which is enhanced by the sea buckthorn honey powder and the mango. Its ingredients have outstandingly positive physiological effects, hence they are perfect anti-inflammatory, can help improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, tea is rich in vitamin C and can also contribute to healthy heart functioning.

PraanTEA blends have positive effects on the human body

The other popular tea blend is darjeeling tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried peach pieces which also has an exclusive taste while having significant content values as well. This tea contributes to the success of different diets, it is a perfect source of protein, strengthens the immune system and is rich in vitamins C and A and potassium.

Oolong tea with algae honey powder is a really special blend which provides a fantastic experience with its wonderful taste. It is a special blend which also has significant health maintaining effects. It contributes to the strengthening of the immune system, healthy digestion, detoxification and maintaining ideal weight. Moreover, it is beneficial for brain functioning as well.

Oolong tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried raspberry pieces is the next popular blend which contributes to the maintenance of an optimal level of protein, it is rich in vitamins C, B1 and A and is a perfect source of calcium and magnesium. In addition, sencha green tea with algae honey powder also provides a true taste experience and is perfect for sipping throughout the day. It is antioxidant, immune booster and contributes to the maintenance of an ideal weight as well as being beneficial for the brain.

Another popular blend is sencha green tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried strawberry pieces which helps maintain the optimal level of protein and vitamins.

Finally, the eighth blend is sencha green tea with honey powder and plum pieces which has a fresh and light taste while having health enhancing effects. It contributes to a healthy digestion and is beneficial for the brain. Furthermore, as well as the other blends, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. PraanTEA blends have positive effects on the human body so their regular consumption is recommended to everyone.

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