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Reasons to Have a Consultation with Your Emergency Dentist Right Away


Your smile plays a vital role in your life and is more effective than you think. Smiling is one of the most helpful ways to interact with others and impress them in a friendly way. A healthy, brilliant smile can easily pave the way toward making great relationships. Also, your face value will be improved when you have a flawless smile, giving you a kind appearance. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a shiny smile, and dental problems can be caused due to variety of reasons. Additionally, many people do not know how to maintain their teeth adequately, leading to serious oral issues. Many teeth-related problems are originated from a lack of information and care. As a result, you may even suffer from severe and painful dental emergencies like dental cavities, tooth loss, etc. Based on statistics published by an experienced dentist in Vancouver, a significant number of people face emergency dental issues since they ignore their oral health as much as needed. In many cases, visiting your emergency dentist is needed to save your damaged teeth and prevent more severe problems. An experienced and trained emergency dentist knows how to manage the problem and restore your beautiful smile safely. Here we explain prime reasons to consult your emergency dentist right away.

When You Can’t Control the Acute Bleeding Due to a Tooth Extraction:

Under specific circumstances, you must extract your damaged tooth to save the other healthy teeth. Tooth extraction is the last option, and your emergency dentist will remove the damaged tooth when other treatments aren’t effective. After tooth extraction, you need to follow an aftercare routine until full healing. Minor gum bleeding is normal after tooth extraction, but you need to visit your emergency dentist if you find yourself unable to control the acute bleeding. It’s not normal to see a lot of bleeding from gums and teeth, and your emergency dentist can help you find the leading cause of the problem.

When You Lose a Permanent Tooth:

Many unexpected incidents like dental trauma, accidents, facial damage or severe tooth infection can lead to permanent tooth loss. Visiting your emergency dentist is vital to protect the other healthy teeth and find the best solution to replace the missing tooth. Your emergency dentist will recommend beneficial tooth replacement options, including dental implants, tooth bridges and dentures and then you may be referred to other professionals.

When You Suffer from Toothache or Swelling Caused by Oral Infection:

If you feel consistent toothache or irritating swelling around your gums, it’s better to visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible. These conditions usually arise out of infection in the oral cavity.

When a Significant Part of Your Tooth Structure Is Damaged:

Your tooth can be severely cracked and chipped due to different reasons. In some cases, these cracks aren’t that serious and visiting an emergency dentist isn’t necessary. But if you find a considerable part of your tooth structure damaged, you must visit your emergency dentist to protect the intended tooth with restorative treatments like crowns.

Don’t forget to visit your emergency dentist every six months for a professional checkup and examination to ensure everything is fine!

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