What Vitamins Should You Take For Hair Loss


The causes for hair loss are numerous. They depend on various factors including food, life style, locality, habits and trends in choices. Among the most common reason for hair fall are the life style and habits. If one is very social in life he certainly will have to be up to date and prepared all the time. This means he will have to take frequent showers and frequent styling of hair will be done. In this way the hair will get into abruptly changing conditions. This causes hair thinning which is beyond the control of natural system of regrowth. Naturally the human body is equipped with methods to regenerate the dead cells in order to keep up the living style, but due to our own deliberations with body our systems become dull and cannot cope up with changing conditions.

Following are some of the vitamins which are essential for hair growth and can be used confidently.


It is one of most efficient vitamin regarding thicker hair growth. It promotes dense hair by providing necessary energy to it. Biotin helps eradication of hair thinning by producing keratin which is chief constituent for hair. It also helps controlling hair dryness and prevents breakage. It is also believed that it lowers the signs of aging. Biotin not just helps in controlling Hair Fall rather it contributes towards controlling conjunctivitis, skin related issues, depression and anxiety. Biotin has always produced favorable results and therefore can be used with ease. Biotin may be obtained by tablet or by food items like bulgur, rice, peas, lentils and oats etc.


Vitamin A is widely used in the field of medicine as an antioxidant. It’s chiefly used for eye sight related issues. However it also encourages healthy and denser hair.It is very common in our everyday kitchen and food items. It helps in eradication of balding by producing sebum, a liquid produced in scalp for protecting the hair against dryness. The correct quantity of vitamin A should be selected after consultation with dermatologist because excessive vitamin A will lead to opposite effects i.e. hair loss. Vitamin A is present in food items like carrot, spinach and peach etc.


Vitamin E is the most versatile vitamin. It serves multiple functions to the body including thick hair growth. It helps to achieve glowing skin. It helps blood circulation by raising blood oxygen intake consequently leading to provision of nutrition to follicles. In this way it helps in developing long and thicker hair. Vitamin E also strengthens body’s immune system which again favors dense hair. In short all the functions of vitamin E encourage good and denser hair growth. It can be found in beans, leafy green vegetable, nuts and pulses etc.

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