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4 Benefits Of Choosing E-Cigarettes


Traditional cigarettes are a real health hazard and more and more Australians are looking for alternatives to this very damaging habit. We have turned to patches to help with our addiction to nicotine, but these don’t work for everyone. We need to find a less harmful alternative to the dreaded cigarette, and thankfully one has come along in the form of an e-cigarette.

While the debate still rages about their effects on our health, most health experts will tell you that e-cigarettes are the best option we have, as they offer many benefits when we compare them to traditional cigarettes. Learn more about Benefits Of Choosing E-Cigarettes at

  1. Slow Reduction – Believe it or not, but nicotine use is still illegal in public places in Australia and people are finding it really difficult to kick the habit. Many have tried, but many have failed also and nicotine causes many symptoms when you try to stop immediately. This is where e cigs in Australia come in, as they allow you to reduce the amount of nicotine gradually and this will help our systems to adjust more easily to the drop, to the point where you may not need any nicotine to function normally. By reducing your e-liquids over time, you can hopefully come to a point, where you can stop altogether.
  2. Socially Acceptable – Because normal cigarettes are socially unacceptable, you are not welcome in any public places like restaurants, bars and cinemas. However, vaping can be done almost everywhere, as this new method is becoming more acceptable to the general population. There is no need to go find an area that is allowed for smoking or standing out in the rain by yourself. Vaping can be done with people around, as they produce vapour only and are regarded as completely smokeless. They also come now in many flavours and odours.
  3. Many Choices – When choosing your e-cigarette, you have the choice of many colors and styles. They are constructed in many shapes and sizes, copying things like pens, pipes and even cell phones. They are also much cheaper to purchase than traditional cigarettes, and will save you lots of money over time. The price of cigarettes is increasing every year as the government penalises tobacco companies. The general consensus is that e-cigarettes cost roughly half the price of tobacco cigarettes, and that is quite a saving over time.
  4. Safer – Many fires happen as a result of someone discarding their lit cigarette onto the ground or into the undergrowth. Massive fires have been started this way, but thankfully, this is not possible with the use of e-cigarettes, as they produce no smoke and thus no fire. When using your e-cigarette, you are using only batteries which have a much less impact on the environment, that that of cigarettes that put smoke and toxins into the air.

It is quite clear that e-cigarettes are a much better alternative than regular tobacco cigarettes. They are more discreet, don’t give off any bad odours, and are a great way to wean yourself off nicotine, if that is your plan. With that in mind, it is important to suggest that you stop smoking and just vape.

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