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Cosmetic Dental Solutions to Treat Cracked or Fractured Teeth

Fractured Teeth

Fractured Teeth

Fortunately, dental chips or cracks are not considered serious dental emergency issues, but you should remember that promptly treating them can prevent further complicated conditions. Fractured or broken teeth not only can degrade the beauty of your smiles, but they can also make you more prone to experience dental infections. Generally, when your teeth are forced to tolerate extensive pressure when biting hard things or receiving an excessive blow to your mouth, your teeth may become chip. As a trusted dentist at cosmetic dentistry in North York explains, except for the possible pain tolerance problem, these dental issues will prevent you from smiling confidently. So, they should be treated to restore your glorious smile. Reading this beneficial article will help you become familiar with various options to get rid of these common dental issues in the blink of an eye.

All Available Treatments for Cracked or Broken Teeth

Generally, there are several factors that should be initially considered to understand what dental procedures are required to treat dental chips in different cases properly. Once you visit your experienced and dedicated dentists, they will take into account several essential factors, such as the location, the size and the severity of your dental damages then they will use one of the following treatments to solve your issue:

Reattachment: Although this treatment is rarely recommended, it can sometimes affordably solve the problem. During this method, your professional cosmetic dentists will try to cement the separated pieces back onto their proper places. The most important point that should be noted is that although in most cases, reattaching the teeth fragments is very difficult or even impossible, it would be best to gather all pieces and bring them to your dental appointment.

Dental Filling: If your professional dentists cannot reattach the cracked pieces to your teeth, they will use a dental filling to fill the site successfully. This helpful method will be completed during a single visit, and your dentists will ensure you won’t feel any pain or irritation.

Dental Bonding: While a dental filling is highly recommended for damaged teeth that are located in the back of your teeth, dental bonding is a better option for those who are in the front site because, during this beneficial method, some tooth-colored materials will use to cover the cracks then the aesthetic aspects of your physical appearance will be properly preserved.

Dental Crowns: A dental crown is another successful method that can properly cover severely damaged teeth. Whenever your highly-skilled dentists discover that a large portion of your permanent teeth is damaged, they recommend a dental crown. This standard cosmetic dental treatment refers to complete coverages that sit on damaged teeth and cover whole sites. Luckily, several materials are available depending on your budget.

Dental Veneers: This particular cosmetic dental procedure can help you have a movie-star smile and is considered the most practical option to cover larger dental chips and cracks. Once you make up your mind to positively change your appearance and conceal your severely damaged teeth with this cosmetic dental option, your professional dentists will send the impression of your mouth to the cosmetic dental lab. When your custom-made veneers are created in the lab, some minor portion of your teeth’s enamels should be smoothed away to make your teeth ready for dental veneer installation.

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