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Everything You Need to Know about Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy is one of the fields of experimental science that examines and treats diseases caused by sports injuries, movement injuries, and blows caused by factors such as accidents, etc. That is not all. According to Kasra Mirhosseini, a dedicated physiotherapist in North York, those who suffer from physical pain and difficulties due to diseases such as MS, and Stroke, can also benefit from various physiotherapy services. Today, we will get more information about physiotherapy services and treatments through this article.

What Is It?

Many people suffer from fractures and sprains due to various reasons, such as wrong movement in sports or accidents, and they refer to physiotherapy for the treatment and recovery of their injuries. But these are not the only reasons for going to physiotherapy, and they are only the most common reasons. Other factors for referral to physiotherapy are stated below.

Common Diseases that People Refer to Physiotherapists

As mentioned above, people go to physical therapy for various reasons, which may surprise you. One of the most surprising reasons is improving breathing patterns! Yes. Believe it or not, if you have asthma, or you find it difficult to breathe easily while walking, you can make a consultation with a dedicated and professional physiotherapist to see if he can help you treat this problem or not. Other physiotherapy services can include:

Neck and knee arthritis

Stroke (heart and brain attacks)

Broken bones

Dislocated joints

Cancerous masses of the nervous system

Sports injuries such as cruciate ligament and tendon injuries

Knee patella injury

Lumbar disc and lower back pain from lifting heavy objects

Stretching and tearing of muscles


Heel spur treatment

The Physiotherapy Categories

The treatment and recovery of diseases in physiotherapy are divided into the following three general categories:

Electrotherapy: In this treatment method, physiotherapists usually use specialized devices such as shockwaves, lasers, etc., which produce electric waves, microwaves, sound, and short radio waves.

Manual treatments: In this treatment method, the physiotherapist treats and cures the disease with various massages using dry needles. That is why it is repeatedly said that massage therapy is a branch of physiotherapy services.

Exercise therapy: As the name of this method suggests, the physiotherapist in this method prescribes exercises to the patients to perform in a controlled manner to help improve their disease. One of the most famous ones you have heard a lot about is water therapy, which is prescribed for diseases such as frozen shoulder and lumbar disc.

Treatment Time and Number of Physiotherapy Sessions

The time and cost of physiotherapy treatment cannot be stated in absolute terms because it depends on factors such as the severity of the injury, the amount of improvement and progress after each treatment session, the extent of the person’s injury, the degree of cooperation and motivation of the patient for treatment, physiotherapist experience and knowledge, and continuity of treatment sessions and no gap between them. Considering all these factors, physiotherapy may tell you how many sessions you should visit. However, this number may change later, assessing and evaluating your treatment process.

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