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Ready & Prepped: 9 Top Tips For Your Upcoming Root Canal Treatment

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Canal Treatment 1Root canal is an imperative treatment that is designed to repair a damaged or infected tooth before giving in and removing it completely. But we know that it’s a treatment that is historically surrounded by anxiety, and we are here to help dispel these fears in any way possible!And, as with any other vital dental procedure, the most important thing is to be prepared for your root canal treatment, as this is the ultimate way to alleviate any anxiety you may be experiencing about it.So, simply follow these nine simple tips to prep for this upcoming procedure:

1. Ask your dentist about it!

Nothing is more anxiety-inducing than keeping yourself in the dark, so simply ask your dentist as many questions as you need to dispel any fears or anxiety you have about this imperative procedure.

2. Ask them about antibiotics, too

Infections can cause pain and swelling in a post-procedural environment. However, the right antibiotics can reduce this risk – consult your dentist about them.

3. Avoid any bad habits pre-procedure

Cigarettes and alcohol are bad for us at the best of times, so think about how it can negatively impact a treatment like this? Avoid them in the hours before the procedure for your own sake, please!

4. Get a good rest in

Before and after the procedure. Having a good night’s sleep before the procedure will prepare your body for it, whilst having a good night’s sleep after the procedure will kick start the healing process.

5. You can have a small meal before the treatment

As your dentist will give you an anaesthetic before the treatment, this may make eating more difficult when you just want to be relaxing in a post-procedural environment. So, it is a good idea to have a small meal before your treatment, as this should be able to tide you over until you can eat comfortably again.

6. Stock up on healthy goodies

Just because you’ve undergone a dental procedure doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some tasty delights, and there are lots of foods you can enjoy in the days and week following your procedure. We recommend any soft and delicious foods like smoothies, milkshakes, soft cereals, pudding and yoghurt before moving onto fruits, ice cream, tuna salad, tofu, soup, hommus, and all other delicious delights that your dentist will happily inform you about.

7. Get a friend to take you home if you need it

You may require a friend to take you home after the root canal treatment as it is completely normal to feel a bit woozy. An, if necessary, ask that friend if they can help you out around the home whilst you work on the all-important business of taking it very easy.

8. And yes, you need to relax

We know that this is a go-getter’s worst nightmare, but there is nothing more important after a procedure like this than taking it easy. This means avoiding strenuous activity like exercising and heavy lifting, and in turn you should really be focusing on chilling on the couch watching a new Netflix series!

9. Make sure your recovery space is super cosy

This especially means having everything you need right there at the ready: healthy, easily edible foods (yes, you can really have smoothies and milkshakes!), the TV remote, your favourite book, lots of pillows and blankets. This is one of those times that you are truly afforded a little relaxation, especially as it’s essential to beginning the healing process, so be sure to kick back with your essential, cosy items right there and ready to go the moment you need them.

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